Association of Hotels, Restaurants and cafes of Macedonia

Supporting, promoting and developing the Macedonian hospitality industry actively since 2004.

Our Mission

The Association of hotels, restaurants and cafes - HOTAM is a voluntary and non-profit trade association of hotel and catering businesses in Macedonia. HOTAM works to enhance and improve the hotel business climate in Macedonia by representing and promoting the industry to the general public, governmental bodies and allied organizations within the country and abroad.

They assist the hotel, food and beverage industry to improve their sales and profits while protecting the rights, professionalism, ethics and performance quality of the industry through the establishment of ethics and rating standards aligned with those of the European Union.

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  • Local specialities

    Taste the Macedonian cuisine and you will love it for life.

  • Culture & Tradition

    The Galichnik Wedding Festival is an annual festival held in the Macedonian village of Galičnik near the city of Debar

  • Mavrovo SKI

    Mysterious and romantic, sheltered by the high hills of mountain Korab, Mavrovo region was famous during centuries.

  • Mousques

    Mustafa Pasha mosque is elegant and intact, and no additions have been made through the years.

  • Churches

    Ohrid itself is named "The Jerusalem of the Balkans"

  • History dating from the Neolithic period

    The Neolithic period is represented by both excavated and unexcavated sites throughout the region

  • Donkey Safari

    A unique opportunity to test the oldest vehicle in the world

  • Hellenistic to Byzantine period

    Many archaeological sites show the long history of civilization on the territory of Macedonia

  • Alternative forms of tourism

    Try scuba diving, biking, hiking and other forms of active tourism

  • Vines

    Macedonian wines are inviting, pleasant and delicate


For the purpose of stimulation of the foreign organized tourist turnover, tour operators and tourist agencies (in further text: Organizers) are eligible to obtain subsidies for the realized stay of foreign tourists in the Republic of Macedonia

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The more people who join the Hotel Association of Mecadonian the more power the Association will have to promote Macedonian tourism around the world.

Documents & Archive

Small documented history of all HOTAM's activity during the years. The documentation is in Macedonian language only

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Macedonia has a transitional climate from Mediterranean to continental. The summers are hot and dry, and the winters are moderately cold.


/// Some of our achievements

    • Lowering the accomodation VAT from 18% down to 5%.

    • Group agreement with MMI, with much lowered rates.


/// Latest News

  • Delcevo

    Author: sllavica Comments: 0 Date: 09 Oct 2014
    delchevoDelčevo is a small town in the eastern mountainous part of the Republic of Macedonia. It is the municipal seat of the eponymous municipality. The town is named after revolutionary Goce Delčev. The town of Delčevo is situated at the foot of Mount Golak on both banks of the river Bregalnica, 164 km (102 mi) to the east of Skopje. It is the biggest settlement in the Pianec region which covers an area of 585 km2 (226 sq mi), between Mount Osogovo to the north and Mount Maleš to the south. The town lies at 590 m (1,936 ft) to 640 meters (2,100 ft) above sea level. Delčevo has a good geographical position and good traffic connections. All rural settlements and recreations centred around Golak are connected with the town of Delčevo by good asphalt roads of local and regional types. Golak's Tourist Center is located 10 km (6 mi) south of Delcevo at 1,300 m (4,270 ft) height above sea level, under the Chavka peak (1358 m) of the mountain Golak. The distinctive Recreation Center was built in 1981 and had 5 apartments, 8 hotel rooms and a restaurant with 170 seats as its own terens for small football, basketball and volleyball. The Recreation Center is ruined now. At this moment there are only private houses, camps and villas. delcevoSmall dams Petrasevec and Sandanski, located left and right of the old road Delcevo - Trabotiviste offer pleasant hours of resting and sport-fishing. The most important cultural scientific manifestation is Goce's days which is traditionally held every year at the beginning of June. For the first time, the manifestation began in 1966, in Delcevo and very soon from local by state it got an international character. Anniversary celebrations of Razlovci Uprising, first of many Macedonian Uprising are very important for Delcevo. At traditional Golak folklore meetings (Golacki folkorni sredbi) which are held every year on 8–9 August, cultural clubs from Delcevo and surrounding places present part of our rich folklore. Representatives from sister town of Delcevo Jagodina from Serbia and the border town Simitli from R.Bulgaria are always there with their performances.   Hotels in Delcevo:  
  • Berovo

    Author: sllavica Comments: 0 Date: 02 Oct 2014
    Square_in_Berovo Berovo is a small town near the Maleševo Mountains. Sustained by the Bregalnica River, Berovo stands at 830–900 m (2,723–2,953 ft) above sea level and can be reached by car using a single asphalt road leading to the city. Berovo lake and the forest of the Maleshevo Mountains are two popular sites for tourists and Berovo craftsmen are well known for their skill in traditional wood crafting. Berovo cheese is also a well-known commodity. - Monastery of the Holy Archangel Michael - The first monastery in Berovo was built between 1815 until it was consecrated in 1818. Enlightener Joachim Krcovski was among those present at the consecration. Historical data concerning the construction of the church and the monastery is inconclusive, but it is known that circumstances were very difficult. - Female monastery - The first female monastery, located at the exit from Berovo leading to the dam and the lake, was built in 1940 in a 19th-century architectural opus, twenty years after the construction of the Monastery of the Holy Archangel Michael.   Hotels in Berovo:
  • Потпишан договор со ММИ

    Author: admin Comments: 0 Date: 13 Sep 2014
    ХОТАМ и ММИ потпишаа Општ договор за утврдување на висината на надоместокот за јавно соопштување на фонограми и изведби во угостителски објекти за сместување (хотели) и угостителски услуги за исхрана (ресторани и барови) кој влегува со важност со датумот на потпишување. 20140709_Potpisan_dogovor_MMI

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