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strategieën binaire opties Барања до Владата на Р.Македонија Листа на барања доставени на Премиерот на состанок со Хотелиери и Туристички Агенции

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HOTAM Events 2012 21.03.2012 Собрание на ХОТАМ за 2011 година
HOTAM Events 2008 16.04.2008 Работна средба со Министерство за економија, Охрид ФТУ 11.04.2008 Проект за обука на кадри во соработка со Коузон 11.04.2008 Состанок на УО и НО за ЗАМП, HACCP и обуки на персонал 08.04.2008 Состанок со Сојуз на Стопански Комори 01.04.2008 Собраниска седница – Пратенички прашања – стратегија 23.03.2008 Извештај од Саем во Москва МИТТ 2008 10.03.2008 Извештај од Саем во Берлин ИТБ 2008 03.03.2008 Извештај од Саем во Белград и гастро натпревари БАХА 25.02.2008 Состанок на УО и НО – Молика Битола 24.02.2008 Извештај од Саем во Софија 14.02.2008 Состанок со Премиер – Записник 14.02.2008 Прилог Премиер – Концепт за настап на саемот во Белград 14.02.2008 Прилог Премиер – Економски барања 19.01.2008 Туристички бизнис форум во Охрид – заклучоци HOTAM Events 2011 16.04.2011 Собрание на ХОТАМ за 2010 година 14.11.2011 Состанок на УО и НО – Х.Дрим
HOTAM Meetings 2005 20.12.05 Кристал Палас 10.12.05 СКНМ Скопје 06.12.05 ЗАМП 13.09.05 Наум 06.09.05 Билјана 26.08.05 Дончо 09.08.05 Метропол 20.07.05 Гранит 26.06.05 Монтана 27.05.05 Охрид 16.05.05 Бањиште 27.04.05 Карпош 08.04.05 Охрид 07.04.05 Скопје 06.04.05 Ривиера 07.02.05 Гранит HOTAM Meeting 2004 07.12.04 Записник Одлука Правила HOTAM Meetings 2006 08.12.06 Министерство за култура 05.12.06 Гранит Охрид – Управен Одбор 21.09.06 Арка Скопје 13.09.06 Министерство за образование 10.06.06 Парк Охрид – Совет 05.13.06 Макпетрол Маврово – Совет 02.04.06 Дебарски Бањи-Цапа – Совет 17.03.06 Охрид – Комисии 13.02.06 САЕМИ Продолжение 08.02.06 Туристичкие САЕМИ 17.01.06 Реф. на Г-ѓа Славица Богоева       HOTAM Meetings 2007
10.02.2007 Градче Кочани 02.02.2007 Стопанска Комора Скопје 22.01.2007 Годишно Собрание 29.01.2007 Саем Истанбул 24.02.2007 Саем Софија 09.03.2007 СаемITB Берлин 17.03.2007 Посета на винарија Тиквеш 24.03.2007 Саем MITT Москва 24.03.2007 Протокол за соработка 27.03.2007 Генерално собрание на HOTREC 15.05.2007 Полска туристичка комора 28.07.2007 Состанок на УО и НО Охрид 30.07.2007 Берзи 2008 30.07.2007 Идни Планирани Активности 16.10.2007 4-та Седница на ОУ на СК 17.11.2007 Состанок на УО и НО Охрид 20.11.2007 Состанок на УО и НО Охрид 11.12.2007 Годишно Собрание на ХОТАМ Извештај за активности на ХОТАМ во 2007


Хотелиерите се крстат во евтини чартер летови – Дневник, 17. Март, 2008
В година туристи од Австрија – Дневник, 17. Март, 2008
Бугарите ги фиромизираа хотелите поради грците – Шпиц, 25. Февруари, 2008
Рафајловска е виновна за скандалот во Софија – Време, 25. Февруари, 2008
Скандал на саемот во Софија – Вест, 23. Февруари, 2008
Уставниот Суд го укина Правилникот со тарифа на ЗАМП – Вест,
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16. Февруари, 2008

Хотелиерите бараат субвенции за развој на туризмот – Вечер, 15. Февруари, 2008
Macedonia will atract guests with cheep airplane tickets: Vesnik, August 8, 2007
Registration of guests with the authorities through mail and fax: Vest, August 8, 2007
Info points at 10 locations throughout Macedonia: Vest, August 8, 2007
Only one charter flight per week 03.08.2007: Dnevnik
Polish press July 2007 : Page 1
50 000 tourists in Ohrid, biggest problem Collection of taxes 03.08.2007: Vecer
5 million euros are needed for promotion of Macedonia 31.07.2007: Page1
Bigger budget for tourism demanded by HOTAM and ATAM 31.07.2007: Page1
Ministry of Foreign Affairs requests that Greece should acknowledge Shengen visas for Macedonians 31.07.2007: Page1
Small Hotels new family business 31.07.2007 : Page1, Page2, Page3, Page4, Page5
Greeks to enter in Macedonia with ID without VISA : Vest1, Vest1
Serbian Magazine adds on Macedonia : Dnevnik, Blic, Glas Javnosti
Enormous daily losses caused by not
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paying bed-tax: Forum Plus, July 20, 2007

Corporation with Dertour and Germanwings .: June 22, 2007
Polish press June 2007 : Page 1, Page 2
Cheap arrangements in 2007 with HOTAM and SKYWINGS INT.: December 18, 2006
Press release: Macedonia in DERTOUR’s catalogue: December 15, 2006
Press release: Meeting 26.10.2006 with minister of economy: October 26, 2006
Press release: Meeting 25.10.2006 with the director of the State Market Inspectorate: October 25, 2006
Press release: Meeting 09.10.2006 with deputy minister of finance: October 09, 2006
Press release: Meeting 21.09.2006 with deputy prime minister Mr. Zoran Stavreski: September 27, 2006
Press-release: OHRID Overnight Stays 01.07.2006 compared to 01.07.2005: August 26, 2006
INTERVIEW – Doncho Tanevski says Legal Climate in MK is BAD FOR HOTELS: SPITZ August 21, 2006

World tourism magazines, publications on Macedonia:

Macedonian lakes and mountains: Explore! 2004
Macedonia makes a comeback: International travel and tourism news
Macedonia – Horizons of history: Journeys International
Macedonia – the hidden paradise: January 2005, Telegraf
Macedonia-Greece-Alexander the Great: Urlaub & Natur
Macedonia: Urlaub & Natur
In the realm of Alexander: Urlaub & Natur
Albanien-Montenegro-Kosovo-Macedonien: Urlaub & Natur
Macedonia – Country on the upswing: Reading eagle, Travel, June 2005
Longing for the south: Tourist plus, August 2005
The exciting unity of opposites: USAID MCA Tourism Cluster

2007 – 2013 Rural & Adventure Tourism Projects in Macedonia If you are unable to view the virtual tours you may need Java from Sun Microsystems – Download it here

OPSTINA Type of Project Description of Project Tour
• OHRID 060800 P New Ski Area Galicica National Park Ski Facility
060801 P Ski Training Mountain Village Kuratica
060801.1 P Cultural Tourism Kuratica – Annual Masked Ball – January 14
060802 P Nature Tour Heritage Trail Kuratica – Brezani
060803 P Rural Tourism Mountain Village Svinista
060803.1 P Cultural Tourism Recica – Natural Water Carpet Laundry
060804 P Nature Tour Heritage Trail Kuratica – Plake
060804-1 P Adventure Rock Climbing Site Grmesnica
060805 P Nature Tour National Park Ohrid – St. Naum
060806 P 4X4 Adventure National Park Lako Signoj Trail
060807 P 4X4 Adventure Mountain Road Zavoj – Leskoec
060808 P 4X4 Adventure Mountain Road Plake – Mazatar
060809 P Nature Program St. Naum Area – Re-Establish White Peacocks
DEBARCA 061100 P Rural Tourism Region Debartsa Area Map with Virtual Tour Hotspots
061101 P Destination Black Forest Resort Karaorman
061102 P Nature Tour Slavej Planina H4 – Mirce Acev
061103 P 4X4 Nature Mountain Road Brezani – Kuratica
061104 P Rural Tourism Village Tourism Brezani
061105 P Destination Eleanora Resort Brezani
061106 P Nature Tour Mountain Road Brezani – Sveti Ilija
061107 P Rural Tourism Farm-Stay Velmej
061108 P Cultural Tourism All Saints Lesani
061109 P Cultural Tourism Art Colony Belcista
061110 P Rural Tourism Village Tourism Pesochani
061111 P Nature Tour Mountain Road Pesochani – Radomirovo
061112 P Eco Tourism Wetlands Slatino
061113 P Rural Tourism Winter Sports Mramorec
061114 P Cultural Tourism Archaeological Site Trebenista
• PRESPA 070101 P Rural Tourism Brajcino – Traditional Village Tourism
RESEN 070120 P Cultural Tourism Museum
070121 P Adventure Tourism Galicica Nat’l Park – Asan Djura Mountain House
• BITOLA 070501 P Cultural Tourism Movie Production in Macedonia’s “Film City”
070502 P Cultural Tourism Renovation of Historic Embassies & Consulates
• PRILEP 070600 P Rural Tourism Region Mariovo Area Map with Virtual Tour Hotspots
070601 P Rural Tourism Stavica – Traditional Village Tourism
070602 P 4X4 Nature Trail Mountain Road Stavica – Dve Steni Overlook
070603 P Rural Tourism Bonce Village – Rural & Adventure Tourism
070604 P Rural Tourism Kalen & Dunje- Traditional Village Tourism
070605 P Cultural Tourism Visoko Archaeological Site
070606 P Cultural Tourism Krusevica – Village & Archaeology Tourism
070607 P Rural Tourism Manastir – Traditional Village Tourism
070608 P Cultural Tourism Rehabilitation of the Church of St. Nicholas
070609 P Adventure Tourism Fishing, Rafting & Climbing – Black River Gorge
070610 P Culture/Art Tourism Marble Carving Symposium at UNI-GRAN-MER
070611 P Rural Tourism Vitoliste – Traditional Village & Artist Colony
070612 P Cultural Tourism World War I Front Line and Trenches – Pandele
• WINE ROAD 060901 P Wine Tourism Wine Production & Tours – Tikvesh Wine Road
060902 P Wine Tourism Wine Production & Tours – Rosomon Region
060903 P Wine Tourism Wine Production & Tours – Kavadarci Region
060904 P Wine Tourism Wine Production & Tours – Negotino Region
PIVKA Winery
070300 P Wine Tourism Wine Production & Tours – Demir Kapija Region
Popova Kula Winery
Elenov Winery
070301 P Cultural Tourism Revival of old Town Name – Taor or Taotej
070302 P Cultural Tourism Stara Varnica -Renovation of Old Town
070303 P Cultural Tourism Renovation of Rimjanin Necropolis
070304 P Sports Tourism Paragliding Base and Training Center
070305 P Rural Tourism Shelovac – Renovation of old Turkish Village
070306 P Rural Tourism Klisura – Promotion of Mediterranean Climate
070307 P Cultural Tourism Restoration of old WWI Bridge at km 113
070308 P Sports Tourism Restoration of Mariovo/Kajmakchalan Ski Lift
070309 P Cave Adventure Demjvec – Protect and Reopen 10 km Cave
070310 P Cave Adventure Bela Voda – Protect and Restore Roadside Cave
070311 P Cultural Tourism Restoration of WWII Locomotive & Generator
070312 P Cultural Tourism Restoration of Old Pepper Mill & Waterwheel
070313 P Cultural Tourism Conversion of Old School House into a Museum
070314 P Cultural Tourism Protect and Promote 62 Archaeological Sites
070315 P Cultural Tourism Neolithic Observatory near Krastavec
070316 P Cultural Tourism Stojakovo – White Water Rafting Put-in Point
070317 P Sports Tourism Conversion of Old School to Rafting Center
070318 P Sports Tourism Restoration of Old Winery as River Rafting Base
• BOGDANCI 061200 P Cultural Tourism Bogdanci Area Map with Virtual Tour Hotspots
061201 P Cultural Tourism Renovation of Old Brick Mule Stables
061202 P Cultural Tourism Conversion of a Section to Typical Restaurant
061203 P Cultural Tourism Renovation of Homes on Lazar Kolishevski
061204 P Wine Tourism Renovation of Old Winery near Bogdanci
061205 P Cultural Tourism Renovation of Old Rakia Still near Bogdanci
061206 P Cultural Tourism Renovation of Typical Historic Town Buildings
061207 P Cultural Tourism Traditional Outdoor Ovens & Bread Making
061208 P Cultural Tourism Traditional Glass Jar Making
061209 P Cultural Tourism Traditional Brick & Turkish Tile Making
061210 P Cultural Tourism Traditional Forge and Blacksmithing
061211 P Cultural Tourism Silkworm Raising and Silk Production
061212 P Cultural Tourism Traditional Looming of Silk, Wool & Cotton
061213 P Cultural Tourism Poppyseed Production & Baking
061214 P Cultural Tourism Sharlagan Oil Production
061215 P Cultural Tourism Traditional Goat Cheese & Meat Production
061216 P Cultural Tourism Traditional Icecream Production
Paljurci 061220 P Destination Resort Paljurci Lake Resort – Golf – Hunting – Adventure
061221 P Spa Tourism Timeshare Hotel & Spa on Paljurci Reservoir
061222 P Sport Tourism New Golf Course alongside Paljurci Reservoir
061223 P Sport Tourism Reconstruction of Tigar Irrigation Dam
061224 P Sport Tourism Hunting & Shooting Club TIGAR
061225 P Sport Tourism Aero-Sports Club Paljurci
061226 P Cultural Tourism Protection of Old Townsite of Paljurci
061227 P Rural Tourism Conversion of Old Restaurant into Youth Hostel
061228 P Sports/Gourmet Elita Fish Ponds & Hill Country Restaurant
061229 P Cultural Tourism Via Militaris – Old Roman Road along Vardar
070401 P Historical Tourism Renovation of South Border Lookout (Karaula)
070402 P Historical Tourism Renovation of North Border Lookout (Karaula)
070403 P Historical Tourism Location & Mapping of WWI German Bunkers
• MAVROVO 070700 P Adventure Tourism Mavrovo NP Area Map with Virtual Tour Hotspots
070702 P Cultural Tourism Sveti Jovan Bigorski Monastery – Rostusa
070703 P Destination Resort Mavrovo Resort – Ski & Year-Round Adventure
• VELES Adventure Vardar River Rafting Put-In Point
Popova Shapka 070701 P Destination Resort Popova Shapka – Ski & Year-Round Adventure
Matka Canyon 070901 P Adventure Tourism Matka Canyon – Climb/Cave/Kayak Adventure

Adventure Tour Destination Resort Mountain Road National Park 4X4 Mountain Road Rural/Village Tourism Cultural Tourism

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