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delchevoDelčevo is a small town in the eastern mountainous part of the Republic of Macedonia. It is the municipal seat of the eponymous municipality. The town is named after revolutionary Goce Delčev. The town of Delčevo is situated at the foot of Mount Golak on both banks of the river Bregalnica, 164 km (102 mi) to the east of Skopje. It is the biggest settlement in the Pianec region which covers an area of 585 km2 (226 sq mi), between Mount Osogovo to the north and Mount Maleš to the south. The town lies at 590 m (1,936 ft) to 640 meters (2,100 ft) above sea level. Delčevo has a good geographical position and good traffic connections. All rural settlements and recreations centred around Golak are connected with the town of Delčevo by good asphalt roads of local and regional types. Golak’s Tourist Center is located 10 km (6 mi) south of Delcevo at 1,300 m (4,270 ft) height above sea level, under the Chavka peak (1358 m) of the mountain Golak. The distinctive Recreation Center was built in 1981 and had 5 apartments, 8 hotel rooms and a restaurant with 170 seats as its own terens for small football, basketball and volleyball. The Recreation Center is ruined now. At this moment there are only private houses, camps and villas. delcevoSmall dams Petrasevec and Sandanski, located left and right of the old road Delcevo – Trabotiviste offer pleasant hours of resting and sport-fishing. The most important cultural scientific manifestation is Goce’s days which is traditionally held every year at the beginning of June. For the first time, the manifestation began in 1966, in Delcevo and very soon from local by state it got an international character. Anniversary celebrations of Razlovci Uprising, first of many Macedonian Uprising are very important for Delcevo. At traditional Golak folklore meetings (Golacki folkorni sredbi) which are

held every

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year on 8–9 August, cultural clubs from Delcevo and surrounding places present part of our rich folklore. Representatives from sister town of Delcevo Jagodina from Serbia and the border town Simitli from R.Bulgaria are always there with their performances.   Hotels in Delcevo:  


Berovo is a small town near the Maleševo Mountains.

Sustained by the Bregalnica River, Berovo stands at 830–900 m (2,723–2,953 ft) above sea level and can be reached by car using a single asphalt road leading to the city. Berovo lake and the forest of the Maleshevo Mountains are two popular sites for tourists and Berovo craftsmen are well known for their skill in traditional wood crafting. Berovo cheese is also a well-known commodity.

- Monastery of the Holy Archangel Michael – The first monastery in Berovo was built between 1815 until it was consecrated in 1818. Enlightener Joachim Krcovski was among those present at the consecration. Historical data concerning the construction of the church and the monastery is inconclusive, but it is known that circumstances were very difficult.

- Female monastery – The first female monastery, located at the exit from Berovo leading to the dam and the lake, was built in 1940 in a 19th-century architectural opus, twenty years after the construction of the Monastery of the Holy Archangel Michael.


Hotels in Berovo:

lisinopril online cheap veles1Veles is a city located in the Povardarie region of Macedonia. It is a town with a rich and varied cultural tradition. Veles is located on the international highway, E-75, which connects Central Europe to the Aegean Sea. KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA tr binary options usa St. Panteleimon church. This three aisle basilica type church was made in 1840 by Andrej Damjanov. This impressive cathedral, with its large space and galleries, is home to beautiful icons painted by Dimitar Andonov Papradski, Georgi Zografski, and other artists. http://winevault.ca/?perex=miglior-libro-sulle-opzioni-binarie Veles Clock tower (Саат кула Велес) (in the central city area). Built in the first half of the 18th century, the tower served as watchtower for Ottomans. Towards the end of the 18th century, the tower was converted into a city clock. follow site Koco Racin memorial house (Спомен куќа на Кочо Рацин). Koco Racin (Kosta Solev) (1908-1943) was a Macedonian revolutionary and poet, who is considered a founder of modern Macedonian literature. my response Kosturnica memorial (Спомен Костурница). The monument, built in the shape of a flower symbolizing a German helmet of the Second World War, broken

in four pieces. There is also

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a museum about the history of the town during that period. http://blog.stylein.se/?vinuk=bin%C3%A4ra-optioner-one-touch&ff9=cc Mladost lake (Veles lake) (8 km N, near Otovica village). The artificial lake. his explanation Saint Jovan Vetersko monastery (Манастир Свети Јован Крстител Ветерско) (15 km, in the vicinity of Vetersko village). Was built in 1670 on a rock and can be seen from the rest of the area.   Hotels in Veles:  

PrilepPrilep is a city in the Western Macedonia, nicknamed “The city under Marko’s towers” (referring to the fortress). It is the Macedonian tobacco capital. The city was the capital of the medieval kingdom of Kings Volkasin and Marko which explains the large number of churches and monasteries in and around the city.

What is most striking about Prilep is the strange bare scenery with huge rocks scattered around. The city is nestled below a bare hill. On the top of the hill, ruins of a medieval fortress stand. All around the city are tobacco fields, and if one visits the city in late summer or fall, one will see tobacco drying everywhere he turns. What is unique about Prilep is the strange sense of humor its inhabitants have and the way they preserved their traditional way of life. Near Prilep is Mariovo Region, one of the most untouched regions of Macedonia, with small half deserted villages scattered in untouched nature.

Prilep_AleksanderEven though the city has been in existence since ancient times, its peak was in the middle ages. In 1018 it was here that emperor Samuil died of a heart attack when he saw his army of 14,000 blinded by the Byzantine Emperor Vasilij. Prilep was the capital of the medieval kingdom of King Volkasin (r 1350-1375) and his son King Marko (r 1375-1395). They both tried to stop the progress of the Turkish expansion, they are remembered as mythical heroes in the folk tales and songs. After the death of King Marko, Prilep was conquered by the Turks. On 11th of October 1941 in Prilep, the rebellion of the Macedonian people against the fascist occupation began.

  • Old Bazaar – Prilep has small, pleasant and well maintained bazaar with orthogonal streets. Of interest are the Clock tower(the most beautiful one in Macedonia) built in 1858 and Carshi Mosque built in 1475, the only one in Europe with two balconies on its minaret (awaiting restoration).
  • Sv.Blagoveshtenie Church – excellent example of revival period architecture. Built in 1838, it is three nave basilica with galleries, and lavish woodcarving (furniture and 17m long iconscreen)
  • Markovi_kuli_1Markovi Kuli Fortress – a 30min hike from Varosh village will take you to the ruins of the medieval fortress known as Markovi kuli. The hike is through a strange bare landscape with huge rocks in different shapes. On the beginning is the Stone elephant work of nature. The remains of the fortress look as if they are
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    growing from the huge rocks and there are striking views over Prilep and the surrounding plain. The remains that can be seen are from the 10th to the 14th c. The fortress can also be reached by much more scenic, but much more rough path from Holy Archangels Monastery. If you are visiting the fortress in summer do it before noon and bring water along since the path has no shades.

  • Holy Archangels Monastery – with its church built in the 12th and dormitories on both sides it looks as if the monastery has grown out of the rocks. There are few compositions of frescoes left inside. Ask the nuns to point you to entrance of the crypt below the church (entered from outside). On the columns of the porch of the church look for the second oldest inscription in Cyrillic letters dated 996. Walk around the monastery to admire the scenic landscape and scattered ancient and early byzantine ruins.
  • St. Nikola Church – one of the loveliest churches in Macedonia is this small and slim church built in 1299 in Varosh village. The facades are elaborately and carefully decorated. The frescoes inside are excellent, with very vivid colours and well preserved. Look for the outstanding Mocking of Christ and Juda’s kiss frescoes. In the altar look for the frescoes of an earlier church painted in the 12th century. The church is open on weekends in the morning but if you ask around someone will come and open the church for you. In the past the key was in the house next door but I think it is not there any more (ask anyway and you’ll be pointed in the right direction, or ask in one of the stores so you won’t have to walk back and forth). Leave a small donation.
  • St. Dimitrie Church – built in the late 13th century, it is the biggest church in Varosh village. The builders had a problem with managing the uneven terrain and they did a mistake visible in the uneven roof on the different sides of the dome. The inside is in a decay and has a special middle age atmosphere. Ask for the key in the house next door.
  • St. Atanasie Church – built in the 14th century, stands in ruins before Holy Archangels Monastery.
  • St. Peter Church and St. Bogorodica Precista Church – two small churches in Varosh village, the first from the 14th and the other from the 15th century Ask for the key next door.
Hotels in Prilep:

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAKruševo is a small town in Western Macedonia. Historic Kruševo was one the center of the Macedonian Ilinden-Uprising. Today the main celebrations of the National holiday on the 2nd of August are held here. Kruševo is the centre of the Vlach minority in Macedonia.

Settled on 1350 meters above the see level, Kruševo is the highest city in the Balkans.

Kruševo is famous for being one of the first balkan republics and the highest krusevo1town in Macedonia. It developed into a large prosperous town in the 18th century. It was inhabited by Macedonian Vlachs(Macedo-Vlahs) and Macedonians from the Reka region in Western Macedonia called Mijaks. Both suffered a lot from Ali Pasha Janinski, an Albanian aristocrat, and his army, so they gathered in Bitola asking for help from the Turkish administration. The governor offered to let them stay in Bitola and the Vlachs who were traders and goldsmiths accepted, but the Mijaks and the Vlachs who had large herds of sheep and were used to living in the mountains, didn’t have anything to do in Bitola, so they were allowed to found their own city. It was a good combination, as the Vlachs were rich and the Mijaks were the best builders in the Balkans, and both groups had a very sophisticated sense of aesthetics, so they created the wonderful Kruševo we have today. On 2nd of August 1903 the Ilinden Uprising started in Kruševo, the biggest rebellion of the Macedonians against the Turks. On the freed territory Kruševo Republic was established which lasted for 10 days and Nikola Karev was proclaimed president. He wrote the Kruševo Manifesto which called all peoples that live in Macedonia to join them in the struggle for freedom.

  • Kruševo architecture – As the city was started from scratch, the Vlachs were willing to invest and the Mijaks were excellent builders, in Kruševo a very interesting architecture has developed. The houses are freestanding, mostly symmetrical, without open spaces typical for other towns in Macedonia. The back of the houses are built of stone, while the front of socalled “bondruk” construction of wooden columns and beams covered with white plaster. There is almost always a well in the ground floor. On the main facade usually there are painted decorations in blue colour. Blue is also usually used for the window frames and other details of the facades. On the upper floor there usually is a small balcony with a triangular pediment above it to put accent on the symmetry of the house.
  • St. Nikola Church – built in 1905 on the site of an earlier church that was burned after the Ilinden uprising. St. Nikola church is the cathedral in the town and it is situated in the old bazaar. The iconscreen of the earlier church, that suffered in the fire, was made by the famous woodcarver Petre Filipovski-Garkata whose other work include the iconscreen of the church of Sv.Spas (St.Saviour) in Skopje and the iconscreen of St.Jovan Bigorski Monastery.
  • St. Jovan Church – was built in 1897. The iconscreen was made by Nestor and Lazar Aleksievski. Inside also notice the two large stoves typical for Krushevo houses.
  • Nikola Martinovski gallery – Nikola Martinovski (1903-1973) one of the most important Macedonian contemporary painters was born in Krushevo and to the town he donated 62 paintings which are now exhibited in his birth house. The house itself is excellent example of Krushevo architecture and it is worth exploring. Also a small ethnological museum has been set up inside the house. Visiting the gallery gives you a chance to admire not just Martinovski works, but also the beauty of Krushevo houses.
  • Museum of Ilinden Uprising – is set up in an old house in which the Krushevo Republic was proclaimed. Through photographs, documents, maps and weapons the period prior, during and after the Ilinden uprising is explained.
  • Meckin Kamen(Bear’s Stone) – This was the place where the band of krusevo3Pitu Guli was trying to defend the town of Krushevo from the Turkish troops coming from Bitola.
  • billig Sildenafil Citrate Tose Proeski’s grave site and Memorial house - Tose Proeski was a very famous Macedonian singer who died in a fatal car crash in Croatia on 16th of October 2007. Tose’s hometown was Krusevo . When you come to see Krusevo visit Tose’s grave and pay your respects.


Hotels in Krushevo:

gevgelijaGevgelija is a city located in the very southern part of Eastern Macedonia on the border with Greece, along the bank of the Vardar River. Gevgelija has a large number of casinos located in the town and the surroundings. It has been nicknamed The Macedonian Las Vegas because

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of the great number of Greeks who come to the town and visit its casinos and numerous shops. Vardarski Rid – is an ancient Macedonian town that dates from Early Antiquity. The town center started urbanization in the Balkans. Recent archaeological excavations show part of the architectural layout of the

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stoa, segments from the settlement and an acropolis. Vardarski Rid is a great spot for picnicking, and camping. Vlado’s Inn – was built in the beginning of 199 and in 1980 it was converted into a public museum, exhibiting a number of rarities dating from the period between the 8th and the 4th centuries. gevgelija2Rezil Kuka – this used to be a hotel built by the Ottomans. Today it is a cafe. It is one of the oldest buildings in Gevgelija. Negorci Spa – located in extremely pleasant surroundings, at the bottom of the mountain Kožuf, at the height of 22 m, amidst European ash woods, which form a natural park. Within the spa-resort there are two waters: “Vrela banja”/hot, and “Ladna banja”/cold, or so called “Sukripasina”. The waters in the “Vrela banja” have temperature of 400C, and of “Ladna banja” 380C.   Hotels in Gevgelija:

Kratovo-defense-towerWelcome to the town of towers and bridges! Welcome to the town of mining, the town that has the strength of an extinct volcano (crater) upon which it was built and according to which it got its name! Welcome to one of the oldest towns on the Balkan, which dates from IV century B.C.! Welcome to Kratovo!

Kratovo is situated in teh north-eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia, at the foot of the Osogovo Mountains. The town is amphitheatrally outspread on the coasts of three smaller rivers on an altitude of 600 to 720 meters. Visiting Kratovo will make you a retrospection of the past, it will discover its secrets woven through the many towers and bridges, it will take your breath away with its natural and authentic beauty, and it will lead you to visit it over and over again.

kratovski-mostovi3The rich cultural-historical past of Kratovo left numerous bridges and towers. Only 6 of 12 medieval towers of the city have been preserved to the present day. The time of the construction of those towers has not been established yet, but their architectural style and the ornamentation used, indicate that those construction originate from the period of the Turkish rule. The more significant towers in Kratovo, are the Simiceva tower, Emin-Bey tower and the Hadzi-Kostova tower. The bridges which unite both parts of the city, extend as lances between the two shores of Tavacka river, and are a special feature of the city.

Lesnovo Monastery – is located in just outside Kratovo, on Mount Bukovec, at an altitude of 1,118m above sea level. Gavril from Lesnovo village is believed to have made this monastery. He dedicated it to St. Michael Archangel. More than 200 monks once lived in this monastery.

osogovski1Heading towards the border crossing with Bulgaria, Deve Bair, and an asphalt road will lead you to the monastery founded in 11-th or 12-th century “ http://www.boligsalg-spanien.dk/?nlnl=binaire-opties-verdubbelen&3b8=1c Saint Joachim Osogovski”. Hidden in the tranquillity, lush forests and greenery of Osogovo Mountains peaks, at the altitude of 825m, Osogovo monastery is considered to be one of the most beautiful monasteries in Macedonia. The complex consists of two churches (one smaller with remnants from the 14th century, and a bigger – cathedral church dating from the 19-th century), old restored lodging houses, residential and buildings of more recent dating, economic buildings with barns and alike.

kuklicaThe stone columns of my site Kuklica are one of nature’s masterpiece work, 148 stone figures up to 10m high standing one next to another. These stones were formed over a period of 10 million years with the slow erosion of the soils. These stones are a popular tourist attraction because of their resemblance to actual people, hence the locals call them dolls.


Hotels in Kratovo:

Bitola_pedastrian_streetBitola is a grand old town that still bears the marks of its turn-of-the-century importance as a center for diplomacy – while also exemplifying the country’s time-honored cafe culture. Bitola is nicknamed “city of consuls” and is the second largest city in the Republic of Macedonia, with a population of nearly 100,000. Near the border with Greece, it straddles the Dragor River at the foot of Mount Pelister, in the Baba mountain range. It was a seat of consuls in the 19th century and with them they brought the European culture and influenced the local aristocracy, who started living in European fashon and building their houses in mixed neo-classical styles. Bitola is a nice place to visit since Pelister National Park is close, the ancient city of Heraklea is there, it has nice Ottoman architecture and 19th century romantic architecture, so some good examples of everything. It can all be done in a day including enjoying coffee on Shirok Sokak, but you have to put aside a separate day for Pelister National Park.

  • beginner binary options winning strategy Old Bazaar – even though it is smaller than the one in Skopje, the bazaar in Bitola is cleaner and much more taken care of, so it is the most beautiful old bazaar in Macedonia. It has pleasant small squares with water fountains and many Ottoman monuments in and around it. A large portion of the old bazaar was demolished in the 1950s for the city square to be built. Fortunately the main monuments were left standing.
  • have a peek here Deboj Amam Turkish Bath built in the 17th century.
  • see url Bezisten Built the 16th century, but later reconstructed in neo-baroque style and the city market.
  • see url Jeni Mosque Built in 1558 by Kadi Mahmud Efendi, the diameter of the dome is 19 meters, and the minaret is 39 meters high. This mosque houses the city art gallery.
  • opcje binarne gdzie Isak Beg Mosque – built in 1508 by judge Isak Celebi Ibni Asa, the diameter of the dome is 26 meters, and the minaret is 45 meters high.
  • http://swazilandforum.com/?n=trading-significato Clock Tower The clock tower is the pride of the people from Bitola. It was first built in 1664 but got its present appearance in the 19th century, and is 30 meters high.
  • http://www.cu.edu.lr/?iyr23=autoopsioni-binarie-com&48b=31 The Ajdar Kadi Mosque One of the most attractive monuments of the Islamic architecture in Bitola. It was built in 1561-1562, as the project of the famous architect Sinn Mimar, ordered by the Bitola kadija Ajdar-kadu. The mosque was abandoned and over time, it was heavily damaged, but, the recent restoration and conservation works, have restored, to a certain extent, the original appearance to the mosque.
  • Shirok Sokak Street A pedestrian street lined with nice colourful romantic and neo-classical buildings. It is divided into three parts and even though the first part has the best preserved buildings it is worth walking all the way to the end. The street is very lively and lined with cafes which are excellent for relaxing and people-watching, especially since the girls from Bitola are known as the most beautiful in Macedonia and they love to parade up and down the street dressed in their sunday best. In the first section check out the Catholic Cathedral. Shirok Sokak ends with the old barracks, where the military academy where Ataturk studied was situated, and which today serves as the city museum. Opposite it stands the ball hall. Across the street as a continuance of Shirok Sokak the City Park stands, where the old
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    Sokolana (physical education building) for the students of the former military academy is situated. For more nice houses walk in the streets left of Shirok Sokak, especially Duro Dakovik Street and see the building of the Bitola eparchy

  • St. Bogorodica Church A small basilica church built in 1870. This church is a triple flight church with an octagonal cupola on the west side. Under the west entry (door) there is a magnificent iconostasis made by a master woodcarver from Mijak.
  • The Consulates The consulates were probably the most beautiful houses in Bitola, and they are all situated in a half circle around the first section of Shirok Sokak, on the streets Leninova, Kiril and Metoi and 11 Oktomvri. On Leninova Street check out the Russian consulate and the old theological high school. On Kiril and Metodi Street are the British, the Serbian, the French, the Greek and the Austrian consulates (I don’t know where the Italian, the Bulgarian and American consulate stand). Most interesting is the British consulate, which was the first one to be built and is a combination of traditional architecture and neo-classical decorations.
  • St. Dimitrie Church, 11 Oktomvri Street. Is the cathedral church of the city and the most beautiful example of the so-called “revival period” churches in Macedonia. Turks didn’t allow building of new churches during their occupation, but as the empire was weakening in the 18th century they started giving permissions for building of churches to keep the population happy. There were many rules to be followed, like the exterior had to be without decorations and the floor of the church had to be at least one metre below the ground so the church wouldn’t dominate the skyline of the city. It was built in 1830, as a three-naved basilica with galleries and five chapels. While they had to keep the exterior modest the interior is lavishly decorated with woodwork. The huge icon screen was made in 1845.
  • Along the Dragor River Many nice buildings can be seen on a walk along the quay of Dragor river, including Josip Broz Tito High School and the building of the dean of Bitola University.
  • herakleaHeraklea Heraklea Linkestis was founded by the Macedonian King Phillip II in the middle of the 4th century BC, but most of the monuments that can be seen here are from the Roman and the early Christian period. Only a small portion of the city has been unearthed, including a theatre, two water fountains, a courthouse, baths, the bishop’s palace and two basilicas. What the site is famous for are the mosaics of the big basilica, made in the 5th century. The floor mosaic in the narthex is the most complete presentation of the world as they understood it back then. In the centre of a rectangular field there is a fountain out of which a grapevine comes (as a symbol of Christ’s teachings) and peacocks and deer are gathered around (as symbol of eternal life), meaning if you accept the teaching of Christ you’ll have eternal life. On the left and on the right there are 5 trees rich with fruits with birds flying around (representing the garden of Eden and the afterlife), and a huge red dog called Kerber (Cerberus) is guarding the entrance. Below the trees, animals like deer are presented attacked and eaten by wild animals (presenting the suffering of the Christian soul in the earth life). The field is surrounded by water with medallions in which 28 water animals are presented. The mosaic has been made with little stones in 27 different colours (the only “richer” mosaic is found in Pompeii – a wall mosaic made of stones in 32 colours). There is a small museum on the grounds with a few artifacts and a nice scale model of the city at its peak. Entrance to the museum is included in the ticket for the site.

Hotels in Bitola:

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