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binär optionen legal mavrovo1Mavrovo National park was established in 1949 with a special bill, calling for the “protection of the exceptional natural beauty and the scientifically and historically important forest around Mavrovo valley”. This law adopted by the National Assembly of Macedonia was significantly revised in 1952 enforcing a much stricter conservation regime. The park was divided into three zones with different levels of protection. Today Mavrovo National Park is among the region’s largest reserves if this kind.

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http://officeinsights.se/?limon=om-bin%C3%A4ra-optioner&b1d=a2 mavrovo2mavrovo4The area of the park is located in sharplaninska group of mountains sharkopadinski system. According to today’s borders this area encompass the southern branches of the Sar Planina, Korab massif of Mount Bistra and the adjacent watershed of the river Radika.

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http://cocobeach.net/?golybec=opcje-binarne-pomoc&8fa=8b Locality Upper Meadow (chalets of wood) is a very attractive mountain and picnic area that is going to a departure from the locality Staparov bridge near the village Velebrdo or the village Bituše marked path which is well walkthrough and it passes through pine forest, which makes the trip especially enjoyable. After walking a maximum of 2 hours to get to the point where it is placed an interesting mountain cabin that was built on 4 trees and equipped with bed rest and a makeshift terrace…

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Hotels in Mavrovo:

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